Why choose us?

A lot of thought should go into choosing a service provider. No matter if it is a plumber, electrician, a mechanic, OR someone who cleans and beautifies your home.

Many companies in this service sector try to impress people with things that you really are probably saying, “Well, I should HOPE so”. Some Examples might be:

♦ Insured/FULLY insured! ♦ Best in the cleaner in the area ♦ Guaranteed (this or that) ♦ On time ♦ Amazing results Etc. Etc. Etc.

To be upfront, we do THAT. But we know THAT is exactly what you expect. It certainly isn’t a point that businesses should be using to sway you to them. That’s like a coffee shop telling you they have coffee. It’s just a waste of your valuable TIME.

So now, let us tell you what sets us apart from the competition.

Fanatical ongoing support

Yes, FANATICAL ongoing support. We are not just there to clean, collect payment and leave you hanging when you have a issue come up. With just a call, e-mail, or text, we can answer your questions, or address concerns you have. We LOVE being able to help, when you need it. We value our clients so much, we will trip over backwards trying to help. We want you happy, LONG after we have cleaned. We like to think of our clients as family, and we believe in helping family when they need it.

We can’t tell you how many times we have seen, once a business gets your money, they forget you exist. They don’t seem really interested when an issue pops up, nor do they care to address it. That is just wrong. This issue isn’t just limited to one sector or another. We see it all the time unfortunately. We believe the ONLY way to change that, is to set the example. Because we believe in giving the client the best customer service we can, we have dubbed it FANATICAL ONGOING SUPPORT.


Giving YOU the time you deserve.

We take our TIME with the walk through, the quote, the cleaning, AND the on going support. We want to give YOU our FULL attention. We do not rush our work, giving YOU subpar quality. YOU DESERVE to be listened to. YOU DESERVE to have your concerns addressed. This does not mean we take forever to get things done, but it doesn’t mean we are  running around RUSHING to get the job done either. We complete our work in a timely fashion, and give you the best experience you have ever had. It goes back to our core beliefs that clients are our family. If something is bothering you, it bothers us too. Customer service may be disappearing elsewhere, but it will NEVER disappear with J.W. Services. YOU DESERVE more.

Extreme VALUE

We know everyone wants the most for every dollar. We do too. Money is not so easy to come by anymore, and lots of people are feeling the pinch. J.W. Services offers many ways to not only bring you the best VALUE money can buy, but we offer options like no one else. It’s all part of our process of pre inspection and giving you a quote. We address your concerns, and give you options that fit your budget and fill the needs you have. We want everyone to LOVE their homes, and admire the way it looks. After all, our clients ARE family, right?

We also invest HEAVILY in the best technology. In order to give you the best VALUE possible, we need to give you the best the world has to offer, right? No one can even come CLOSE to offering you the value we can.


We are committed to using the best AND safest cleaning agents we can. Your safety, your kids safety, your pet’s safety, and our safety are IMPORTANT to us.  We are committed to being as safe, and as effective as possible.  Study after study proves, that the safety of the products used in your home ARE important to clients. Rest assured, WE are taking your safety AND your health serious.

We care and it shows

Did you know the average time on the job for the average cleaning employee is 6 months? Who could feel comfortable with that? We are NOT that short term employee that is just looking for a paycheck. We care for our clients like family. You will see the same people coming in today, as you will years from now. You get US, not some pushing, uncaring, worker. We want to address and solve the issues you may have, because we CARE. Our reputation is on the line, and that is really all a business has. We would never shortchange someone, in any fashion.  

Setting the standard in PROFESSIONALISM

Yes, that’s a big claim to make, and we GLADLY fill those shoes! From the initial contact with you, to the completion of the job, we are 100% professional from beginning to completion, and then some! Just check out our Google FIVE STAR RATING! We are proud to be the HIGHEST rated service in the area. Everything we do, is centered around YOU, the client. From the initial call for a quote, to the professional quote you will receive, to the appointment confirmations and reminders 24 hours before service, to the invoicing after job completions. We take this serious. And we certainly believe we set the standards for how a contractor should treat YOU. We VALUE you, and we want to be sure you KNOW it. 

Not sure a contractor REALLY does this, and maybe you think this is just “creative bragging”? Again, check out our Google reviews. See what other people we have serviced (and CONTINUE to service) have to say about what we did for them. It will be very easy to see what the difference is between us, and everyone else. We set the standard, because we treat others, the way WE would want to be treated.