Commercial services

We clean windows, and keep life easier for YOU! Since we all know your glass is the first thing a customer sees, you know the importance of keeping your glass clean. We have plans to fit any budget, and any needs.  Simplifying your life, and keeping your impression with your customers absolutely POSITIVE is our goal. We would love to be part of YOUR team and assist you in your growth and continued market share. Bringing us on board means no more wasting YOUR valuable time, taking risks with a workman’s comp claim (should an employee get hurt cleaning glass), and one less thing you need to worry about. Contact us today to see what we can do for YOU.


We also can offer cleaning of your exterior of the building, sidewalk cleaning, and concrete parking lots. If it gets dirty, we can get it clean. It is your image, your first impression, after all. We know it’s important to you.

Building care, property maintenance, it’s IMPORTANT. We know it is too. We are excited to work with YOU to keep your property is tip-top condition. Large or small properties, we can help care for all of them.

Contact us for a quote today.