Guarantee and FANATICAL Support

So what exactly is our guarantee?

YOU will be completely satisfied. You should expect nothing but the very best for your hard earned money. If you are not happy, we have failed in some manner to meet your expectations, and we will do whatever it takes to make it right.

When you hire us to clean your windows, you should expect beautiful, CLEAN glass right?

Our guarantee removes any risk you may have had. We aim to earn your business by being FAIR and doing what is right for our clients. Not everyone is concerned with making the customer happy. Some just want the money.  We want SATISFIED and returning clients.


What is FANATICAL support?

It is the absolute BEST customer support you have ever experienced. You have questions, we have answers. You have concerns, WE address them PROMPTLY. We are so concerned with keeping our clients happy, we refuse to make you wait. We give you several options to contact us that fit your busy life. So, when YOU need us, WE are there for you. We won’t blow you off like we have become used to. YOU are top priority to us. We actually CARE about our clients, and it shows in our FANATICAL support.

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