Here we will address some frequently asked questions.

What does a window cleaning include?

A quote includes the price for cleaning the glass(in and out if you request it that way). We can also add screen cleaning, if you need it, and add it in the quote.

It does NOT include cleaning tracks, screen repairs or replacements, Cleaning frames/sills, or anything outside the scope of what was said about what the quote includes. However, if you request something while the quote is being done, we can happily add it to your quote for you.

Can you put me on a schedule to call me next year, so I don’t forget?

Absolutely! Most of our clients use us every year to clean their windows one to four service calls a year.

What type of screen material is best?

In MOST applications, we recommend fiberglass screen material. The reason is, because aluminum screen material when it ages, can transfer the oxidization (that occurs naturally as it gets old) to your glass. In doing so, it makes it difficult and more expensive to restore your glass to clean. The oxidization from aluminum screens and older frames, sticks to your glass like glue, and creates a haze on the glass.

We do realize though, that if you own pets you will need the strength of the aluminum screen on doors or windows pets may come in contact with. We recommend that you only use the aluminum material on those screen(s) ONLY.

How many times, or when, is best to clean my windows?

Your glass and screens should be cleaned at LEAST once a year. Most get it done in Spring, but anytime through the year is acceptable. Many clients though realize the value in having us come out multiple times a year. For those that get 3 cleanings, it usually goes as before Memorial day, before the 4th of July, and then again in the fall, September/October. We do not clean windows after November, for residential clients. Those that get it twice, usually get it on or about Memorial Day and after the 4th of July.

Failing to get your windows cleaned at least once a year can actually cause damage to your glass, and actually cost much more for restoration work.

Is it ok to spray my windows with a water hose to clean them off between cleanings?

NO! You should NEVER spray water on your glass. We live in a hard water region and the average total dissolved solids in our area are VERY high. This will cause hard water spots on your glass, if you spray household water on them. In doing so, each pane of glass will need to be painstakingly restored. This is a VERY involved process to remove hard water staining.

Even if you have a water softener, you are not removing the dissolved solids in your water. You are mainly removing rust.

How is the water you use, different than mine?

While we may hook up to your water faucet (outside), we have invested HEAVILY into a water filtration system that removes ALL TDS (total dissolved solids) and makes SPOT FREE water. These systems are extremely expensive, making them cost prohibitive to most home owners. It is the absolute best tool in the industry for cleaning glass.

What areas do you service?

We only work inside Steuben County, Indiana at this time. Our service area includes:

Angola, Indiana Fremont, Indiana Hamilton, Indiana Metz, Indiana Pleasant Lake, Indiana Orland, Indiana Clear Lake, Indiana

We also service the local lake homes of Lake James, Jimmerson Lake, Crooked Lake, Clear Lake, Fox Lake, Hamilton Lake, Lake George, etc.